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DR10b.jpg (14637 bytes) This page was also submitted by DeWitt Roberts-Visual Tracker and Team Commander - 66th IPCT and graduate of BJWS-Cycle #5.  DeWitt was also an Instructor of Cycle #1 at Fort Gordon.  These Labs are Goldie on the left, and Roddy on the right. Both of these great dogs worked with the 66th IPCT - 25th Inf. Div.
DR11b.jpg (19445 bytes) This photo is of Sgt. Bill Schaeffer who was Team Commander with one of the 66th IPCT Teams attached to the 25th Inf. Div.  He was a graduate of BJWS and assistant Instructor for Cycle #1 at Fort Gordon's Visual Tracker School. (Note the arrow to Bill's right- Is it a bunker vent? a piss tube? or a rocket remain?)
DR12b.jpg (18258 bytes) This is a photo of Tracker Dog Bingo - 66th IPCT attached to the 25th Inf. Div.  Bingo is getting his routine physical and teeth cleaning.  DeWitt says, "Bingo was a good natured slouch, but we all loved him."
DR13b.jpg (13724 bytes) DeWitt sent this photo of Sgt. Ron Franzen who was an OJT Dog Handler.   Ron also served with the 66th IPCT - 25th Inf. Div. and is shown here with Butch.
DR14b.jpg (26234 bytes) This is a shot of Sp/4 Wiggins. We know from DeWitt that Wiggins was another BJWS Grad who was assigned to the 66th IPCT - 25th Inf. Div.  Does anyone remember his first name or have any other info on him?
DR15b.jpg (24088 bytes) This is a shot of Sgt. Joe Mocki sent to us by DeWitt.  He is another BJWS graduate - and his class was  with Barry Magor's 8 RAR who were the Australian Trackers.  (We first heard about Joe when we were communicating with Barry in Australia and from his recollections, were able to find Joe alive and well and living in Connecticut! They are now in touch after 32 years!)
DR9b.jpg (27955 bytes) DeWitt sent us this picture of Sgt. Ronald Grove.  Ronald was a BJWS Visual Tracker graduate, and became a Handler via the OJT School.  Here he is shown with Roddy, with the 66th IPCT - 25th Inf. Div. Roddy was later handled by Paul Louder who served with the 66th IPCT in 1968-1969 with the 25th Inf. Div.
DR8b.jpg (23418 bytes) This photo sent by DeWitt shows the Memorial Service at the burial site of Bodie the Tracker Dog-KIA on Nov. 16th, 1967. At that time, Bodie was a member of CTT#2 when the Team was ambushed.  Four Trackers were KIA that day with Bodie.  From L to R: David McFarland with Butch; The Bugler for President John F. Kennedy, known as the "Silent Bugler" for his inability to perform; David Layne with Major; and Jerry Quinn with Bingo.  "Here's to Absent Companions!"
DR7b.jpg (37748 bytes)
This wonderful photo sent by DeWitt shows the Members of S/Sgt. Joe Woodbury's 2/27th Wolfhound 25th Division IPCT Team. From L to R: Unknown Scout Dog Handler and Scout Dog on loan from the 1/27th Wolfhound Scout Dog Platoon, R.G.(Tex) Arrington, Jr.(DeWitt's good friend and Coverman),Team Commander S/Sgt. Joe Woodbury ( a highly effective Team Commander who was responsible for many successful missions with no losses or injuries to his Team), Sgt. Ronald Franzen -OJT Tracker Dog Handler with Butch (who appears to have broken formation!), Sp/4 Joe Mocki, (also one of DeWitt's best friends and Coverman), and on the far right is Sgt. DeWitt Roberts - Visual Tracker for the Team.  Our profound Thanks to DeWitt for sending these photos to us to help to visually recreate the U.S. Army Combat Tracker Teams' experience.
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