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The 2007 Tracker Reunion was held in Galveston Texas and was hosted by John Dupla. John organized lots of activities including a trolley tour of historic Galveston. To the left attendees gather in front of the facilities for the tour.
The photos on this page come from James Cobb unless otherwise noted


There's lots of landmarks in Galveston....
Ernie Muir and Mark Bowen receiving instruction from John Dupla. Mark did a great job with the barbeque.
John had lots of help with the endeavor including his sisters.
In the background is Bill Reed (note cover), standing are Joe
La Fave and Estel Matt: seated are Frank Wydur NZ SAS, Tom Brown and Julian Van Dyke.

This photo came from Chuck Steward.


Linda and Vic Sokeland with Bill Welch. Vic is telling Bill why he was let into the program.
The Trackers gather for the banquet.
Major Welch talking about training the "Sixth Sense". Mark Bowen and his wife look on with trepidation...
The candles were lit for those gone but not forgotten. Thanks to John Dupla for doing a great job with the display and the ceremony.
A high mark of the reunion was a surprise guest, Frank Wydur, NZ SAS senior NCO at BJWS in 1967. To the left is Frank, and Sergeant Major Steward assisting with the presentation of the flag flown over the Capitol in honor of the Trackers.Frank traveled all the way from New Zealand. After 40 years it was an honor to have him attend a "Yank" get-together. He represents an important part of  from "whence" the Trackers come. He has graciously invited the US Trackers to come down to "way" down under for a Kiwi Tracker get-together.

This photo came from Ed Wheeler.

An important part of the Reunion is the support from the Tracker ladies.

 Thanks to you all.


This is a fitting conclusion to the 2007 reunion. To the left is Ed Wheeler, 61st IPCT. Ed says, "I finally got to the Wall to place the poppies that Frank Wydur had brought all the way from New Zealand. And it was an HONOR."

This photo is from Ed Wheeler


First row left to right: Jim Chaney, Tom Brown, Charles Hinely, Bill Welch, Frank Wydur, Jim Cobb, Paul Monarko, Dennis Johnson, Hank Shirah.
Second row left to right: Estel Matt, Frank Merritt, George Thomas, Clem Hausmann, Vic Sokeland, Bob Konarske, Wiley Clark, Mark Bowen, David Kast, Walter Ennis.
Third row left to right: Joe La Fave, John Dupla, Bill Reed, Julian Van Dyke, Ed Wheeler, Norm Shaw, Norm Massey, Georg Hessenius, Mike Horton, Ernie Muir,
Chuck Steward. Missing are: Bob Miller and Wendell Taylor.
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