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64th IPCT -17.jpg (14549 bytes) Sappers work.
64th IPCT -9.jpg (30718 bytes) Members of the 64th IPCT starting a track.
Copy of 64th IPCT -13.jpg (59910 bytes) "I was a scout dog handler in the 33rd.IPSD in Vietnam in1970. The 33rd IPSD, 50th IPSD, and the 64th.IPCT ( and I believe another scout dog platoon which I can't remember) had a detachment together at Camp Radcliff, An Khe, Vietnam. In the 4th Inf. Div. I remember that a scout dog team usually would work with a tracker team when in the field. I recognize the tracker dog and handler in your photo index 21F as Skipper and who the handler is I'm still trying to remember although I have a picture of them as well. The tracker standing next to the Kit Carson scout in one of the preceding photos I believe his name is Large. McKinney, Bacon, Lugo and Gutierrez (spelling) all from the 64th.are some of the names of the trackers that I remember working with. I've just noticed your site. Hope the info is a little helpful. Corzine" 3/15/05
64th IPCT -20.jpg (77526 bytes) Could this be Skipper?
64th IPCT -21.jpg (36443 bytes) Great shot!
64th IPCT -22.jpg (32134 bytes) War Dogs. The Scout and the Tracker.


64th IPCT -18.jpg (33163 bytes) Spoils of war.

Thanks for sharing these images.
Wv k-9-crop.jpg (96158 bytes)
    I was with 1/10 Cav, 4th Inf. Div. in '69-70. Found your site from 4th ID site and remembered a photo I have.
    The included photo was taken sometime in late Jan. or early Feb., 1970. 2nd Platoon was mine sweeping a dirt road west of Pleiku running north from QL 19 to Spec. Forces/CIDG base at Plei Djrang. We were ambushed by a platoon or larger group of NVA. Due to very poor planning/execution, things went very badly for them. We had 1 WIA, they had a bunch of KIA and WIA. We found several escape routes with blood trails.
    The dog/handler were flown out to us. As I remember, we did not have to wait very long. Did some searching around for awhile, then we continued the mine sweeping.
    Info on your site indicates you always operated in 4-5 man teams. I only remember the dog/handler. It is possible that another person was with him and I was unaware or just do not remember that. I feel certain there was not a "team." However, I was just as certain I had never seen a CAR carbine while I was in country, and obviously that was not true. Maybe the rest of the team joined up later and I was not aware.
    Anyway, thought you would like to see the photo and figure out who he was. Seems like this may have been a somewhat unusual situation/mission?
    Wallace "Doc" Vaughn"

Does anyone remember this mission? The name of the dog and handler?  Thanks Wallace for sharing this image. 3/29/05

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