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All of the articles and photos on this page were sent to us by Norman Massey - 75th IDCT.  It is a great collection of early information on Trackers!

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July 5th, 2001 - George "HaloTracker" Wade has kindly identified the Trackers in this photo -

Tarka - "the Wonder Dog" is on point, followed by Handler Sp4 Kimbrough with Sgt. Miller behind the Handler.  Special Thanks to George for bringing some names to this great photo!

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Mitch Scott (CTT #11) identified the SSgt. as Moses "Pappy" Nahinu and the Handler as Jeff Dejewski with INCE (6B40).  Thanks, Mitch!

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In this AP Wirephoto Sambo (5A15) and Bill Reed are incorrectly identified as scout dog and handler. They were both members of CTT #7.

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From George Wade - CTT #9 - 557th IPCT/101st Abn.  This STARS & STRIPES article tells about finding wandering US soldiers as well as tracking the enemy.  The name of the game was SAVING LIVES - and you all did it so well!
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