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Emblems (Combo).jpg (42115 bytes)

Emblem of the British Jungle
Warfare School.

Emblem of the Gurkha,
the crossed Kukri.

 Emblem of the SAS

          Emblem of the Royal Army
           Veterinary Corps

The above formed the cadre and various training units participating in the Visual Tracker and Combat Tracker Team course instructed at the British Jungle Warfare School (BJWS) in Ulu Tiram, Thornhill Lines, Malaysia in 1967.

Copy (3) of DTD Flash A.gif (24514 bytes)

Trackers were trained at BJWS and later at Fort Gordon while in-country instruction was provided by the Dog Training Detachment (DTD). Both canine and visual tracking disciplines were instructed by the DTD. Shown is the dress version shoulder tab/flash. From Ed Dion who served with the 62nd IPCT in 1968.

DTD (CTT Dress) Patch A.gif (21560 bytes)

The unauthorized "Provisional" dress version of the first U.S. Army CTT shoulder tab/flash. In style and size it is similar to the current 75th Ranger tab, but with a blue background, white outline and lettering.

DTD (CTT OD) Patch A.gif (23768 bytes)

Shown is the subdued version which was worn in the field. The tab was sewn above the Division or Brigade patch to which the Team was attached. From Ed Dion.


This insignia was adopted after the T.O.&E. of February 1968 "legitimized" CTT into IPCT and IDCT. From Clem Hausmann, 62nd IPCT. It is the "Dress Uniform" version of the patch with blue background, intended to be worn with Khakis (Tropical Class A) over the right pocket. Note the button hanger at top. 

BJWS2.jpg (25824 bytes)
This certificate is from Bob Baker of the 75th IPCT, 173rd Airborne. He attended the Tracker course at BJWS.
Fc 1.jpg (32331 bytes)
This Diploma is from Floyd Curtis of the 75th IPCT, 173rd Airborne. He attended the Tracker course at Fort Gordon.

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